Pole FAQs

Am I too Old to do Pole Fitness?

No, we have a large number of students who are over 50 years old.

Am I too Big to Pole Dance?

Absolutely not, you can be any size to pole dance.

Will I be Strong enough as I have no upper body strength?

It will take a few weeks to build your strenght, but you will surprise yourself.

Will the pole fall down?

No, our studio has undertaked a proper risk assessment and all our equipment is secured for the safety of all our students. The poles are secured to the ceiling, come to the studio to see for yourself.

Aerial Hoop FAQs

What is Aerial Hoop?

It is a metal hoop fixed to the ceiling as seen in circus acts.

Will I lose weight?

Attending any exercise class can help towards weight loss

Am I too old for Hoop Classes?

No we have all different ages in our hoop classes

How high is the hoop?

We have our hoops fitted at a low level for safety.

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